An information campaign is planned a flow of information with specific goals and objectives, which is distributed through various media channels and is characterized by its length and intensity

By type of activity, campaigns are distinguished:
  • Media. For their implementation are used only the media.
  • Communication. Here, in addition to the media, can be used such communication resources as leaflets, direct mailings, means of visual agitation.
  • Complex: processions, rallies, philanthropic actions.
In intensity information campaigns are divided into:
  • Massed. So called information campaigns that generate a continuous flow of information. For example, election campaigns or campaigns for the preparation of the referendum.
  • Discrete. These are campaigns that generate an intermittent stream of information.
The main criteria for informational messages:
  • The influence is expressed in the number of people on whom the message will impact, the severity of the consequences, the relationship between cause and effect.
  • Closeness. Linking to local issues reinforces the value of the news.
  • Timeliness.
  • The fame of the entities, who were mentioned in the message.
  • New. The presence of an unusual and unique fact, an event that goes against the rules.
  • Conflicts. They reveal hidden problems, simplify the idea of good and evil, winners and losers.
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