Any video content can be divided into several categories - according to the type of informational and emotional message (the category of the idea that must be “sold” to the viewer)

You do not need to be a genius to understand what the task is in creating educational video content — to teach the viewer some procedure, behavior in certain conditions. It is necessary to clarify that educational films can be both staged and graphic

The task of the social video is to tell, visually demonstrate or propose solutions for certain social theme.Moreover, we need not just to advertise some kind of service, but to show the issue and briefly assert ourselves. But, the primary task of social newsreels is to show (tell) about a social phenomenon as such.

The task of image video content is to sell an idea that generates a certain emotional response in the viewer’s mind. This kind of content does not advertise anything, and may not tell at all about anything, but should create a certain image of the main theme, company image, person’s image, product image.

High-quality and professionally filmed video content is the company’s investment in its development, advertising, promotion.

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