SMM marketing

if you are not in the Internet you do not exist!

in 21 century it is essential to establish the feedback with your clients. Live, rapid. qualitative communication raise the level of trust to your store, brand and business in general. Because carrying out your clients leads not only to cooperation with your current clients but to attraction of new ones as well!

Nowadays not all PR agencies can offer the full cycle of qualitative SMM marketing..

Some companies attract attention with low cost services. accompanying you in social networks, but don’t rush to respond to such offers not to fall into the hands of banal non-professional, cause you risk to lose your reputation and clients as minimum and moreover your time for recovery of your authority in society.

SMM -not so simple as it seems at the first sight.

Because good specialist in this field should have such skills:
  •  The ability to competently and politely communicate with people of any age and social groups (well versed in psychology)
  •  Qualitatively explore the “product” that he represents, to answer the questions promptly and at a high professional level, as well to share reliable information about you
  •  To be an attentive analyst, to think a few steps forward, by studying the target audience and improving content and advertising, thereby saving your advertising budget.
  •  Have a good taste, design skills and skills for writing unique texts so that you were interesting and always stood out from the competition

Kiev mediaIn addition to all of the above, experts from Kiev media do not go with the flow and do not expect constant instructions from you, because they know what to do and in which direction to go. They take the responsibility to qualitatively represent your name on the Internet and bring you to the forefront among competitors.

For us, each project is special, this is our child, whom we have to grow a champion!
  • Strategy Development
  • Studying the target audience
  • Creation of unique texts and infotainment content
  • Setting up Google and Yandex Analytics
  • Creation and adjustment of high-quality, economical targeted advertising
  • Prompt communication with clients / if necessary 24 hours a day
  • Creating accounts for all suitable platforms for your business

* the value of running of each project is being calculated individually depending on the goals and specifics of your business.

Discounts are available for ordering additional PR, Production - services.