Promo videos and commercials

The commercial is an informational video, the main purpose of which is to attract the attention of potential customers.

Nowadays, the market is so large that you can easily get lost among competitors, so it’s very important to tell potential buyers and customers about your offer.

Advertising may be different, but video advertising is considered as the the most effective. Because it has stronger influence on human emotions than other formats.

The video is a product of the creative team: the director, screenwriter / journalist; video operator/ stage lighting specialist, video editing engineer, computer graphics designer, makeup artist.

The Kiev media team, assembled and tested by time, consists of real professionals with experience in well-known TV channels, filmmaking and other information and advertising publications. We implement projects of any complexity by providing the finished product in a strictly stipulated time. We also take on “express orders” with limited time.

We record advertising, viral, turn-key promo videos