The concept of "personal brand" appeared relatively recently, and there is no clear definition of this term. It can be said that a personal brand is an image that arises among others at the mere mention of the name of this or that person.

Such image includes not only external attributes (gait, voice, manner of dress, features of appearance). The concept of “personal brand” is much deeper – this is how people around you unconsciously perceive you.

A well-thought-out image and PERSONAL PR make it possible to achieve public recognition, build a positive reputation, and get additional benefits in business.

Key employees, creative individuals, politicians, public figures, and businessmen need personal PR.

  • Create a long-term image and initial positioning.
  • Develop the concept of a media image.
  • Give recommendations on the formation of the external image.
  • Advise on technology of public speaking.
  • Write a speech.
  • Provide comprehensive media support.
  • Carry out operational monitoring of the presence of a person in the media and the Internet.